Wednesday, May 23, 2007
Yamanashi-ken, Yamanashi-shi
It's been a few days since I got my placement, so I've had so time to calm down and not spaz out, but I got exactly what I wanted. Hopefully it will be everything I imaged it would be cause if I don't have a good time in Japan, I can't blame it on a bad or unwanted placement! I think I'll have a great time and the Yamanashi ALT community seems pretty tight, so I won't feel too isolated.

There is another CO person heading to Yamanshi as well...just in a different city. So I actually get to meet someone I'll be working in the vicinity of before every getting to Japan. There is also an awesome website for Yamanashi JETs called YETI. Everyone seems really friendly and it looks like they plan a bunch of events, so my worries of ending up spending all my time alone have now been dispelled. No idea on who my pred is yet though. There seems to be some confusion over who is leaving Yanamashi-shi and there are several of us moving in, so I'll probably have to wait a bit more before I can get any placement specifics.

Anyway, some info about my new home for those of you too lazy to Google it:

"Yamanashi is a popular destination for tourism. Mount Fuji, the Fuji Five Lakes region, the city of Kōfu, the nearby wineries, the fine temple Erin-ji, and the popular Kuonji Temple are a few of the most popular places to visit. The Fuji-Q Highland amusement park, with its newest roller coaster Eejanaika (roller coaster), is also popular. Eco-Tourism is another major attraction.

The natural topography of the region makes Yamanashi a hiker's paradise. The tallest mountain in Japan, Mt. Fuji, and the second tallest mountain in Japan, Kitadake, are both located within Yamanashi. Although not as tall, Mount Minobu offers stunning views if one joins the Buddhist pilgrims up to the summit of the mountain. Parts of the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park, Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park, and Minami Alps National Park are located in Yamanashi.

Given the area's volcanic activity, natural hot springs, or onsens, are found in abundance. Some of the more famous are Isawa Onsen and Yamanami Onsen."

So, that's where I'll be living for the next year or two. Very exciting!
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