Wednesday, May 9, 2007
....seems to be what the JET program is all about. You wait forever during the application process, and once you get in, you wait forever to figure out where your placement will be. I'm somewhat anxious to find out my placement, as I'm tired of people asking me where I'll be living and having no decent response. Maybe I'll just start telling people that I requested somewhere in Gifu and that's where I think I'll end up and then they'll stop asking me over and over about it.

Also, along with placement comes access to your predecessor, which means (hopefully) some insightful advice about living and working conditions. And THAT means no more ESID nonsense and actual answers to questions (rant and explanation of ESID for those not in the know coming soon!). I mean, there are just so many questions running through my mind, it'd be nice to get some solid answers for them. The experience of people in the JET program is just so varied that until you know exactly who you're's just a bunch of guessing about things like key money, apartment size, school level, and basically everything else under the sun!

Well, here's hoping that I found about something sooner rather that later. I hear that some people won't hear anything till the end of June.....*dies*
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