Monday, September 17, 2007
Where o' where did the weekend go?
So, in between the SETY conference was a weekend. And quite a good one at that. Went up to Kiyosato with friends to try some of its famous fresh ice cream and do some hiking. The ice cream was excellent and the hike was gorgeous. The mountains here are much more picturesque than the ones I'm used to. More like huge moss covered rocks than the jagged, un-green, Rocky Mountains. Makes for a much more enjoyable hike. Took a ton of pics, so here is a small sample.

Day started off with the ice cream. There was a huge line for the stuff! Went quick though as they had a pay while in line and then get the ice cream system stet up. Then the hike. Hit up a nice waterfall, ran across a heard of cows, a random farm, a road block (which sent us the long way around the mountain), and then a random restaurant. We ended up finishing our hiking adventure early because while we were taking a momentary break at the restaurant it started raining. Was still a very satisfying hike and I would definitely be up for doing it again.

After the hike we headed to a local restaurant where I had the best Hawaiian burger ever and then went to check out Tyler and JDs apartments (which are HUGE and super nice! I'm so jealous!). While there I got to check out JDs hand made full body chain mail which he made to look like a white mage (hehe...I earn myself 100 yen for guessing that right....I'm such a Final Fantasy geek). Also played this awesome button pressing to music game. Think Guitar Hero, but with 9 buttons. It's madness!

Up Next: Fireworks Festival #2

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