Monday, January 14, 2008
Korea Vacation: Day Four
Day four started sometime mid afternoon due to the previous night’s activities. First stop was the Seoul Tower, which was your typical touristy high rise type place. Though, we did get to take a nifty cable car to get to it. The weather that day didn't provide for the best viewing conditions, but we were greatly entertained by the various places and distances that were printed on the towers glass. Of course it had the info for Tokyo, but I was surprised to find Denver up there as well seeing as how not even Hawaii got a mention! I also had this really cute Korean girl who was probably about the same age as my second graders, come up to me and hold my hand. Freaked me out at first as I wasn't expecting it, but when I looked down and she was staring up at me all excited and smiley like, I couldn't help but smile back. A few seconds after it happened, her parents realized what she did and snatched her away while apologizing. It was a nice memory to take away from my trip to the tower.

After the tower, we went to the Doctor Fish Cafe. Karen had heard about it and wanted to go. It's basically a cafe where they have these fish that eat dry skin off your feet. You go in, order, then head over to the foot bath to have your fee attended to by the fish, and then go eat and drink once you're ready. The fish felt pretty weird. Overall an interesting experience. The rose tea I got wasn't half bad either and came in a really nice tea set.

After that it was time for some food sampling. We had some Korean sushi, Krispy Kreme (well, I actually passed on this), and then some songyuesa which is lettuce wrapped grilled meat. Was really good and came with the best spicy miso ever!

After eating, we went a purika place. These are basically big fancy photo booths that let you decorate the photos and play around with the backgrounds. They're really popular in Japan as well. It was my first time and it was fun, it's just there were so many of us in the booth that I kept getting left out of the picture!

After picture taking we did some karaoke at this really fancy karaoke place and then called it a night. The floors at the karaoke place where quite festive!

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