Friday, January 11, 2008
Korea Vacation: Day One
My vacation started with a 4 hour long train ride to Narita airport along with Janet. When we got to the airport, I exchanged my yen for some won and then we picked up our boarding passes at the HIS (our travel company) booth and checked our luggage. We also stopped at the airport takoyaki place for a bite to eat.

After a rather quick plane ride, we arrived in Seoul about mid afternoon and took a bus into Seoul. As we were with an HIS tour, they provided the bus. We thought we'd be taken straight to our hotel, but the bus made a detour to a fancy duty free shop which was really annoying as I wanted to get to my hotel and go exploring, not browse at $2,000 bags I would never in a million years buy. The only thing pleasant about the bus ride were all the crazy Christmas and New Years light displays we saw while driving around the city.

We stayed at the Central Hotel. The hotel itself was pretty nice for a budget hotel. Room was nice and they had free internet in the business center which was really just a tiny room with a computer and copier. The one thing they didn't have was shampoo! Luckily I brought some of my own.

Once we go settled in, we walked around, did some shopping, and took in some of the lights displays up close. I picked up a pair of knee length fake designer socks and a fake designer purse for my mom, and some snack type foods from this street vendor. We also picked up a bit to eat at this famous soup shop. We headed back to the hotel about the time Karen and Louis were supposed to arrive. Karen is Janet's friend and Louis is Karen's friend. Then it was off to bed!

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