Saturday, January 19, 2008
Scooter Down!

My poor littler scooter was in the shop for a few days. It's apparently a 2 cycle engine which means it mixes the oil and gas. It also means that I should have been refilling my oil, but wasn't, which is why it ended up in the shop. The mechanic actually helped two other ALTs in my town, one with buying a bike, and another with buying a new scooter, and came highly recommended. Janet came with me when I first dropped off my scooter to help me communicates with him and during our conversations, we discovered that I taught his grandson. Said grandson ended up coming back home from his soccer practice while I was still there and looked a bit freaked out that his English teacher was standing there having a chat with his family member. Anyway, my scooter is already back home, and it even cost less that what I was expecting to fix!

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