Monday, May 18, 2009
Okay, not actually the official Day 2, but the second day I managed to make it to the concert which was 5/17. And this time, I was prepared!

I started my day by making an uchiwa! I felt really left out not having one the last time, so I stopped by the shop recommended to me by my day one concert buddy and made my own. I know that they are supposed to have your favorite member and everything, but I like all the members, so, yeah. Maybe my next one will be Jin-themed. I really had to rush to finish it, so it probably could have been better if I had more time, but I'm still really proud of it. The heart with wings design is based off the design that's covering all of their concerts goods. Here is is!

Once again, I got my ticket from the re-sale shop in Harajuku. This time around I spent 1man and got a seat in the stands. 23 gate, section 34, row 15. This time, I also got to the show early and thus had a full concert experience. Also, my seat gave me a really good view of the back stages that I could'tn really see at all the first time. I missed a lot of the water effects stuff and had no idea that Kame was dancing around all soaked, cause I couldn't see that from my seat last time. This time I got a perfect view.

Again, I was so wrapped up in watching the concert that I failed to take any notes. Concert started with Rescue, which is one of my favorite songs that I knew I had missed by showing up late the last time. Lots of fire effects for this one! Then it was One Drop followed by a medley of keep the faith, don't you ever stop, and white x-mas (man I missed sooooo much that first day!). Then it was Kame's solo. This time I managed to catch where he and the stuntman switched and knew it wasn't him. Made that whole part way less exciting. But Kame's kimono strip tease was just as thrilling as the first time and this time I had the added bonus of watching him dance around all wet and sexy like. And he ended it by not only floating on an umbrella on the water, but also spun around with fire work sticks too. Then it was Koki's solo followed by Ueda playing the piano and singing his solo. Also, in there somewhere was Junno's solo and Akanishi's new collaboration with Crystal K. called Wonder. Can't wait for that single to come out! Real Face was also in there somewhere too. Uggg, my memory sucks!

During the MC part, they talked about all their upcoming projects. At one point, Kame was pretending that he played Yabuki Hayato in Gokusen and it earned a bunch of screams. And Maru jumped for the first time! Though, it was at a lowered level. I still felt really happy that he managed to jump this time, especially cause people booed him at the first concert I went too. It was around this part that I met another concert going friend. She was 2 seats away, but managed to scream over at me. She was visiting from Malaysia and was happy to see a foreigner that was also a fan of KAT-TUN. We had a brief chat and exchanged contact info so we could keep in touch.

During the Battle of Kings I actually kinda got what was going on. The first was some type of light ball battle, then it was some kind of comedy imitation thing, and then an air battle between Kame and Jin. Still kinda weird though.

They did an encore and came out on a rocket ship. Jin's hair was all wet and sexy. They did She said and Peaceful Days. Once they finished, they popped back out for what could have been a second encore, but was just them talking for a bit and then leaving. Before heading back home, I picked up one last concert good. A bag. Its the perfect size to hold an uchiwa, which was annoying to carry to the concert in my not quite big enough purse.

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