Saturday, August 18, 2007
Around Town
Sorry for my lack of updates. I lost the internet for a while, but it's back now, so let the updates begin!

After getting settled into my apartment and going shopping a few times, it was time to hit up the town and go exploring. There is actually quite a bit in walking distance of my apartment and with a train station right across the street, I have easy access to everything I could possibly want or need. In easy walking distance there is a really nice bakery (seems very popular, even with people a few towns away), pizza place, several grocery stores, a 7-11, music store, department store, 100 yen store, gaming shop (might be getting a DS soon), several small style restaurants, etc, etc. There is even a bowling alley and golf driving range! So basically, a lot of stuff. There are also a bunch of private vineyards for grapes near me as well. Here are a few pics of my street and 'backyard'.

Also, me and Tiffany (the JET who lives near me) found the cake shop where our JTEs got her birthday cakes. Its both a dessert shop and Italian restaurant (they make a wonderful parfait). We ended up eating lunch there and having a fun chat with one of the workers and a little old lady who was hanging out. They were both really nice and it was fun trying to communicate. The worker even gave us some free after dessert coffee.

Somehow, after every town walk through me and Tiffany have done, we've always found ourselves at the Yamanashi-shi station. Works out well though, cause it's hot walking around all day, so we just catch a train back home. Here's a pic of me on my first ever train ride in Japan.

That's all for now. Next up: The Fruits Park

*Just a current note: It's storming like CRAZY right now. The lightening is just going nuts but there is no rain (yet). Who needs fireworks shows when you can just look out your window and enjoy?*
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