Sunday, August 19, 2007
Introducing the Fuefukigawa Fruit Park
The Fruit Park is pretty much they only thing in town you could consider a tourist destination which is probably why it's where mine and Tiffany's supervisor took us to look around. It's basically an area where several different fruits are grown, including several non-native fruits that are housed in two large greenhouses. There is also a fruit museum, onsen (natural hot springs/bath house), hotel, and a small water park. It also has a gorgeous view of the Kofu basin and my town. The view was even recently voted one of the top 3 night views in all of Japan.

Nothing hugely exciting happened, but is was an enjoyable day. I took a bunch of pictures, so here are a select few.

(This picture is of the Yamanashi flag. Sort of like each state has a flag in the US, each prefecture in Japan has one as well)

Here is the Fruit Park Website (all Japanese) if you'd like to know more about it. Up Next: First Weekend Madness
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