Friday, August 3, 2007
Say bye to Tokyo

I've been in Yamanashi for a few days now. I've done so much since my last post that I'm breaking things up into multiple posts. This one will be a wrap up of my time spent in Tokyo and for some picture fun. The one above was taken on the bus from the airport to the hotel and the ones below are pictures of my hotel room, hotel room toilet (quite fun), and one of me in the fun hotel robe - which I now wish I'd taken with was comfy.

The rest of orientation is kind of a blur, more meetings and seminars. I went to the elementary school specific one and started to freak out a bit. Most elementary school ALTs have to work with homeroom teachers who usually speak little to no English when doing their lessons, but my situation works a bit differently. I'll explain in a latter post. Anyway, the only real meeting of note was the prefecture meeting where I met my fellow Yamanashi peeps and they gave us the low down on what will be happening over the next few weeks. The meeting happened to be on the 43rd floor of the hotel, so I took some pictures of the Tokyo skyline.

Freaked out a bit after that meeting too, as we have to figure out transportation to and from Kofu (the capital city of Yamanashi) for both our local orientation and an annual English teachers conference, SETY. They gave us a train schedule that was all in Japanese and were like, good luck guys!

Anyway, later that night was the YETI social gathering and we went out to eat at Asian Kitchen then did some karaoke. We've got some good people in this ken. I'm going to have a blast!

Well, that's all for now. More posts coming soon (I've done SO MUCH in the past few days!). Next up: the ride to Yamanashi and meeting my supervisor!
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