Sunday, September 2, 2007
The Best Fireworks EVAR!
On Tuesday of my second week in Japan, the biggest fireworks show in the prefecture was held. The Ichikawadaimon Fireworks Festival. And what a show it was! Me and Tiffany almost missed it cause we were at the AU store getting cell phones. Who knew that it would take us like 4 hours to understand the ridiculusly complicated contract? And I didn't even get my phone that day! Mostly my fault though cause I wanted a model they didn't have in the store, so in true Japanese form, they called a bunch of other stores, found one, and were having it sent to the store for me to pick up later (was totally worth it!). Oh yeah, where was I? So me a Tiffany got there like 5 minutes before the show started and it was pitch black, so we couldn't find our group. Luckily there was a kind security guard who let us through a barricade and took us to our group. Here is a sample, and from what I could tell, this was just the warm up! (yes, even the second one, and yay for my first video post!)

All I can say is that I don't think I'll ever be able to enjoy fireworks show in America ever again. This was just SO over the top! You could really *feel* it and it was all set to music too (it think it's hard to hear in the videos). And they just kept getting better. I ran out of memory card space so I couldn't even get video of some of the bigger shows. The show worked a bit different that American ones. Rather that having all the fireworks go and then that's the end, companies sponsor smaller (time wise, but not fireworks wise) show and there is a little blurb before each one saying which company sponsored it. And of course, all the companies want to outdo each other, so the viewer is treated to an evening of awe-inspiring fireworks, with a few 'commercials' in between.

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