Sunday, September 2, 2007
First Trip to Tokyo
So I, like the good person I am, actually went to all the 'required' Tokyo orientation events. Thus, I didn't really go out and explore Tokyo much. Had I been placed far away from Tokyo, I would have kicked myself for doing that, but as I live fairly close, I decided to just go for a visit and see what I missed the first time around.

Went with Tiffany, Kevin, and Seth. We took a bus and it took maybe 2.5 hours to get there (with some traffic) and the first stop was some lunch in Shinjuku.

After lunch, we went to Harajuku. Didn't see any cosplayers, but we went on a Saturday, and that's more of a Sunday thing. Stoped by the gigantic Gap store and Kevin picked up a few shirts, and we just kept walking through Harajuku until we reached Shibuya. Took some pictures at the massive crosswalk place that Shibuya is famous for and then tried to get to Roppongi Hills to go up the Mori Tower.

Ended up getting a bit lost on the trains and then just decided to hop in a cab to get there. Wasn't too expensive and the driver dropped us off right in front of where we wanted to be. So why the Mori Tower? Well, at the top it has a 360 degree view of almost all of Tokyo. Yeah, the Tokyo Tower is nice, but the Mori Tower is way taller and you can see almost everything. Took a ton of pics, so here is just a sampling:

(Oh look! It's me!)

After the Tower, we went back to Shinjuku where we ate dinner and then almost missed our bus back to Kofu as we got lost trying to get out of the massive train station that our restaurant was in. Anyway, once we got back, we all went to the Rink, where the Group B welcome party was happening. Sadly, most of the Group B people had left before we got there. Luckily, there were enough of us Yamanashi-shi people to all grab a cab back home, so we stayed out late and had ourselves a good time.

And then Sunday I did absolutely nothing, cause I was tired of doing things by that point!

Up Next: Local Orientation

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