Saturday, September 1, 2007
Fun in Kofu
Wow, I'm still so far behind in posting. Time to shorten things up and just post........

So, day two of my first weekend in Japan was to go explore the biggest city in the ken, Kofu, with some friends. I'd already been there a few times, but always at night, and always to hit up a bar or restaurant. This time I just walked around with some friends to see the sights. (Pic below is courtesy of Tiffany's facebook account as I didn't get any pictures of the group)

Awww...aren't we cute? Anyway, during our walk we went to what remains of Kofu castle to take some pictures and then walked to a nearby temple. Temple ended up being closed, but we snooped around and took a few pics anyway.

After Kofu, we all went over to see Kevin's place (which is much bigger that my apartment, but then all of the other apartments I've seen have been bigger than sad) and then hit up a local restaurant. All in all, a well spent day.

And Monday was fairly exciting as well (but not really exciting enough to merit its own post so it will just piggyback on this post). I got to visit all my schools and meet the principals. It was basically me sitting in the principles room while my supervisor and JTE and the principle all chit chatted. Had almost no clue what anyone was saying, but then I hardly every do. I just smiled, sipped my tea, and said my 'nice to meet you, please take care of me' speech in Japanese. I wish I would have taken pictures, but failed to bring my camera. One cool thing did happen. As I was leaving my Friday school, there was a group of 4 boys doing some gardening and when they saw me, they all ran over and each gave me a cucumber (and they were huge cucumbers!). I think I still have one left in the fridge that I need to toss out.

Up Next: My first fireworks festival!
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