Monday, October 29, 2007
Another Day, Another School Festival
All three of my elementary schools had sports festival on the same day, which meant I could only attend one. So, I ended up being at my base school's sports day. But even though I didn't get to attend the others, I made a point of watching their practices and helping out in any way I could be making signs and helping put up tents and what not.

So elementary school sports festivals work about the same way as the JHS sports festivals. Relays, tug of war, and all that good stuff. But there is a bit more creativity with it in elementary school and a lot more coordinated dancing and singing. The local kindergarten kiddies also participate in an event and there was even an event for kids and their family members (took forever to do though....too many families). My favorite events include the 'big ball' relay, and the 'crazy things' relay which consists of racing while doing a variety of weird things such as riding a unicycle, running on stilts, eating a marshmallow, and rolling in a cardboard box. Good times!

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