Sunday, October 28, 2007
Lake Party
The biggest tourist destination in my prefecture would have to be Fuji and the Five Lakes area. Well, the weekend after my sports fest adventures, I headed down to one of the Five Lakes. Lake Kawaguchi, to be exact, for what's know as the 'Lake Party'. Apparently it's the biggest bash in the ken, but this year it was canceled and then uncanceled, which meant that a lot of people made other plans and thus it was a bit more intimate.

I arrived kinda late due to something I can no longer remember, but the party was still kicking when I arrived. It was like a typical camping trip, but with better food, a DJ, and some fire dancing! Managed to find someone with an extra tent as well so I didn't have to rent a bungalow. My ride to the party, Fred, just slept in his car. He had it all decked out and ready to go! And it was quite an adventure trying to put up the tent that I had never seen while a little tipsy! It was a great party and I got to meet several of the older JETs in the area and a few non-JET ALTs as well.

The next morning I went down by the lake to enjoy the view and I was going to take some pictures, but discovered my camera was broken. Every time I would try to take a picture, it would just come out black. So yeah, no good Fuji pics. Here's one pic I managed to snag of the lake on my cellphone as we were driving away, one of a duck building, and one of a distant and cloudy Mt. Fuji.

After packing up, we didn't head straight home, but rather went to a famous udon place in Fujiyoshida. There was like an hour long line outside this really tiny restaurant and while the udon was good, I prefer my own area's specialty, hoto. Mmmmmm.....hoto.

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