Sunday, October 7, 2007
Typhoons, Floods, and Earthquakes, oh my!
So, I've been through one Typhoon and one Earthquake since I've lived here. Typhoon was just a bunch of wind and rain. Not something you'd want to be outside for, but not killer. Kids got to go home early that day because of it so my classes were canceled, but I, along with all the other teachers, had to stay. It did cause the river I live quite a ways away from to flood, but that happens in Colorado too when it rains a lot. No biggie. And the earthquake? (was about a 3 on the Japanese magnitude scale and started as a 5 in the prefecture to the south) I slept through it. Ha! Slept through my first sad.

Anyway, in keeping with the natural disasters theme, I also had an earthquake drill at one of my schools. Basically, I grab a hard hat and go putter about on the giant dirt field/play area in front of the school. All the kids do the same, but they put their little chair cushions on top of their heads, instead of the hard hat that all the teachers get. It was fun watching them run around in their weird cushion hat things. So cute!

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