Saturday, February 16, 2008
Gimme some sake!
Immediately following the Yuki Matsuri was the YETI sake brewery tour. The brewery we went to was actually in Yamanashishi, so I didn't have to go far at all! The tour itself wasn't exactly what I was expecting. It lasted for maybe 10min tops and was all in one big room. Was still pretty interesting though. We all got to taste sake at different stages in its creation and look into the big vat where is does......whatever its supposed to do. After the 10min tour, the rest of our time was spent sampling various sake at the brewery's cute little restaurant/bar thing. The restaurant had a very log cabin, Colorado coffee house, kind of feel to it, which I quite enjoyed.

Anyway, this event just helped me confirm my love of any and all things sake. I should really go visit that brewery again some time. Also noticed an interesting looking shrine on my way there that I might want to check out one day.

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