Monday, February 4, 2008
My turn!
Monthly events are held by the City hall in my town and often times those events have an 'international' theme. The event for February was a traditional Japanese cooking class aimed at international members of the community. Hence, I went. It wasn't exactly what I was expecting.
In my own cooking classes at school, it's very hands on. The kids get to try pretty much everything. This event was more of a demo than an actually class. All we really did was fry the fish. Everything else was done by the chef that was running the class. It was still pretty interesting though. We started out with this giant sized white fish and had pretty much eaten the whole thing, in various ways, by the end of class. It started with some sashimi, then a bunch of it went in the miso soup, then some of it was deep fried, other bits were baked, and then we each got to pan fried our own slice. I also got to try out my Japanese cooking wear for the first time. Apron....check. Bandana....check.

I also got to meet a bunch of new people, mostly older women and housewives. A few of them even exchanged contact info with me. We'll see if they actually get the courage to call! There was also a woman there who runs her own English school up in Makioka whom I'd seen at a few of the International Center events and finally got to meet.

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