Friday, March 28, 2008
Matsumoto, Round 2
I really love Japan's castle, so when Heather came out, I wanted to show her one. Since my favorite castle, Himeji, is a bit too far away being near Kyoto and all, I took her to Matsumoto castle. Even though I'd been before, I was still excited to visit. I really love the castle and Matsumoto itself is a very nice town to just walk around and relax. As I wasn't by myself this visit, I made sure to have Heather take a bunch of pictures of me!

After the castle, we wondered around the town and hit up a bunch of the smaller temples and shrines that surround it. We also hit up the museum near the castle. I'm not normally a museum person, but you get a free pass for it when you pay for entrance to the castle and I really love the giant straw shoe they have.

Before heading back to Yamanashi, we stopped at a restaurant near the station and had some soba. Soba is Matsumoto’s specialty dish and I didn't get the chance to try it last time so I made I did this time around. I had a tempura/soba dish and it was excellent. The only down side was that it was super pricey. I'll have to shop around for a better price if I happen to go again.

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