Monday, April 21, 2008
Not the noob anymore!
We recently held a new teachers enkai. This is basically the welcome party for all the new teachers who started working at the beginning of the semester. While other enkai's have had games and what not, this one was pure business. The principal welcomed all the teachers and gave a speech, then all the new teachers gave a speech, then we ate. This enkai was also held in Isawa, like most all the other ones, but one significant difference was the food.

The food at this enkai was the best yet! All the other ones were set menus that were pretty much all traditional Japanese food. This one still had your sushi and soba, but everything was serve your self rather than a course meal. So I got to pick and choose what I ate. There were also several non-Japanese plates to choose from like a chicken and potato wedge dish. Overall, this was definitely the best, at least food wise, enkai yet.

new teachers enkai

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