Monday, September 1, 2008
May Peace Prevail: Hiroshima
Day 2 of my Hiroshima trip was dedicated to visiting the Peace Park and Museum. I, along with a girl I had met the night before at the hostel, went together and our first stop was the Hiroshima Dome. I already took a bunch of pictures of it the day before, but stopped to take a few more.

Next, we wandered around the Peace park looking at various monuments. I really like the paper cranes and the monument that displayed peace themed cards send by kids from around the world.

After wondering in the park, we headed to the museum. I'm not normally a museum person, but I really enjoyed it. I picked up a complimentary headset so I could enjoy the museum in English. One of my favorite parts of the museum was a room where they had large pictures covering the wall of what Hiroshima looked like right after the bomb dropped. It was really intense. At the end of the museum, they have a log book. I signed my name and left the message, "May peace prevail."

Somehow, while walking around the museum, I got separated from my friend and as we didn't have each others cell phone numbers, I didn't see her again. After the museum, I headed to see the Hiroshima Castle. The outside of the castle is amazing, but the castle is not original. It was rebuilt and the inside, rather than being castle like, was a museum. There was even a vending machine at the top! Although the inside of the castle was a disappointment, the view from the top was really nice. Now I can add another castle to my list of castles visited in Japan.

After the castle trip, it was about time to head to catch the overnight bus back to Tokyo. All, in all, a great way to end my summer vacation.

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