Sunday, June 7, 2009
Hen Night 2
Seems like everyone in the ken is getting married! This time the hen night (aka. bachelorette party) was held for Karen. The evening started out with some mimosas at Karen's place and some hanging out/listening to music. Then it was time to open up the gifts. Everyone was asked to bring the bride to be a set of undies and we did a little party game where she had to try and figure out who go her which pair. She only managed to get one right (mine...haha).

After that we headed over to Vesta, a small local restaurant and bar, where we ate some pretty tasty things and did a few more party games. Taneque was in charge of the games and did an excelent job keeping us all amused. We did a round of the classic 'Never have I ever' and some ad-lib stuff. It was a lot of fun and really amusing.

Back at Karen's place we listened to some music and had a special 'guest' stop by for a little strip tease. Who knew we had such a talented stripper in our own little ken? After the show, it was back to playing some classic party games, including a 'make a wedding dress out of toilet paper' competition. So cute! And my team won at that (though no thanks to me).

After the wedding dress thing, people started to head home. I ended up crashing at Karens and then headed back home the next morning. Congrats to Karen and Morgan! May they have a wonderful time together.


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