Wednesday, June 10, 2009
Sports and JHS
Sports are really big at my JHS. Last week there was a big track and field day and this week was a huge sports competition between all the JHS's in the area. My kyoto-sensei (aka. vice principle) was kind enough to take me around to various places so I could watch some of the students compete. We started off and Katsuanuma JHS were the kendo club was playing. I took a few pictures, watches a few matches and then we had to move on.

Next stop was Kita-chu, the other JHS located in Yamanashishi were Miki teachers. I didn't see him anywhere, but I did get to watch the soccer team, soft tennis club, and both girls and boys volleyball teams play. The soccer team is coached by one of my JTE's. You can see him in the pic on the far left. The soccer boys did well and ended up winning their game. I also stopped to chat with the soft tennis boys, who were waiting to start their match. They wanted me to take their picture, so I did.

After that I watched the boys play volleyball and they were amazing! Won two games in a row, no sweat, and made in into the Ken wide finals. The girls on the other hand ended up losing their two games and ended up crying after the game. I was a bit shocked that they lost as I have always heard that the Nan-chu girls volleyball team is really strong. I think they were pretty shocked at losing as well.

After that is was back to Nan-chu for lunch and to watch some of the sports taking place there. I caught some of the table tennis matches and girls soft tennis, however, I missed watching the baseball team. Apparently they had finished up before lunch and had won all their games. The baseball team is made up of some of my more troublesome boys, but they are pretty fun and I wanted to cheer them on, so I was a bit disappointed that I missed everything. Oh well, maybe next time!

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