Sunday, November 11, 2007
Tokyo Game Show
Went to the Tokyo Game Show on a Sunday of some weekend. Basically it's a giant convention center full of various gaming companies showing off their new and upcoming goods. When I first got there I tried to get one of the free DS demo games that Level 5 was giving out, but I got there just as they were closing the line.

Checked out the Square Enix booth to see all the nifty Final Fantasy things they had going on and then just wandered around playing various games. As I kept playing games, I got a bunch of free things. Folders, key chains, bags, more folders, towels, cell phone straps and demo CDs galore. I also stopped by the AU booth. AU is my cell phone service provider and I tried several of their cell phone games and ended up download one onto my phone. I also played this sort of, cell phone picture taking game, for free stuff. You basically take a picture of something that's on this massive wall, email it to a given email address, and then you get a prize depending on how many points what you took a picture of was worth. I got a mouse pad, which was something I wanted to get, so yay!

Outside in the walkway between the two buildings the booths were in stood all the cosplayers. Didn't really know what games most of them were from, but the costumes were pretty impressive!

(These 3 girls were standing in front of me in the line to get into the convention. I was wondering what they had in their suitcases. Guess the mystery is solved.)

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