Sunday, December 23, 2007
International Center Christmas Party
In Kofu there is an International Center. They hold various international events throughout the year, and of course, as Christmas draws near, they have a big international Christmas bash and donate the proceeds to various local and international charities. They have a bunch of performers and also holiday crafts and food vendors from various countries and Fred, a JET who works in my city, dressed up as Santa to pass out candy to all the kids. I did my part as well and volunteered to be part of the Christmas carol choir.

After the singing and eating, there was a raffle. I didn't win anything, but the guy who bought his tickets right after I did ended up winning two things! But, I did go home with some goodies as they held a charity auction right after the raffle. I bid on and won a fold-able bike and an electric space heater. Both are things I was planing on buying anyway, in particular the folding bike as you can take them onto trains with you, which you can't do with a regular bike. While the heater was about the same price I could get it at the store, I got the bike for about $40 cheaper than I was expecting to have to pay! Plus I got to help out well deserving charities as well. I also bid on a printer, as I don't have one at home, but the bidding went to high and I can always print things for free at school.

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