Sunday, December 23, 2007
Yeti Winter Party
Immediately following the International Center Christmas party, I went to the Yeti Winter party that was also being held in Kofu at the Italian restaurant I ate at for the Group A welcome party when I first arrive in Yamanashi. Well, not immediately after, as I would have been an hour or two early. I just wondered around Kofu and looked around some stores during that time. I ran across a band playing in this outdoor shopping district area and sat around listening to them for a bit as well. Still got to the party a bit early, but I had a nice chart with some of the older JETs who were in charge of the event.

The party was nomihodai (aka. all you can drink) and we had several courses of food including salad, rice balls, spaghetti, pizza, and ice cream. The older Yeti members also did a little gag degree awards ceremony which was pretty amusing. After the Italian place, we went over to the Vault to for some after party drinks, but they had a band playing, which meant a hefty cover charge, so we all went over to the Rink. Didn't really have much fun there and I probably should have headed home on the last train, but I didn't. It was just really crowded with all of us there and I started to feel a little claustrophobic. As for getting home, my ride into Kofu was drinking that night, so we ended up using this service where someone drives your car to wherever you want to go for you and another guy follows to bring the guy driving guy back. This is a service that's offered by a few companies in Denver, but it's really expensive. Makes sense as its like taking a taxi, but with two drivers helping you instead of just one. Here, though, it was actually cheaper than taking a taxi. And the taxi guys were wearing these great, super shinny, coats that amused me to no end!

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