Monday, March 24, 2008
My thoughts on anime musicals
So, my friend Heather came out to Japan and I spent about a week with her going to various places in Yamanashi and Tokyo. So the next few posts will deal with our various adventures!

One of the first things we did when she arrived was to head to the Koma theater in Shinjuku to see a showing of Rock Musical Bleach! It's a really famous theater in Tokyo so I was excited for the chance to get to see a performance there. Good thing too, as I found out a few days later that the theater will be closing down in December due to low attendance numbers.

Low attendance didn't seem to be a problem for the show we were going to see however. It's a musical based on Bleach, a popular manga and anime. This worked to my advantage as I'd seen the anime before and could follow the story line even though I didn't really know what everyone was singing/saying. The songs were really catchy and I really like seeing all the costumes. The stage itself was pretty unique as well. It was a giant rotating circle so things kept moving around during the performances.

After the performance, Heather picked up a few of the musical CDs and then we literally ran through Shinjuku to catch the last train back to Yamanashi. We had to take a special express train called the Kaiji as we missed the last local train. It was my first time riding a train that wasn't local and lets just say that there is a good reason why it cost so much more. Very nice!

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