Thursday, May 29, 2008
Parents in Tokyo
On Saturday, I decided my parents could not visit Japan without seeing some of Tokyo, so we did. First stop was actually more of an errand for me. The point and shoot camera that I bought last year died on my during my Golden Week vacation. I thought all hope was lost in fixing it until I found the camera box I could have sworn I tossed in the trash hiding in my closet while pulling out gifts I'd been storing for my parents. Thank you parents! Anyway, the box contained my warranty papers so I decided I'd see if they could fix it for me. Thus, our first stop in Tokyo was the Yodabashi camera in Akihabara. We actually spent more time there than I thought we would. My mom found the touristy section and was looking at yukata to use as bathrobes and my dad wanted to pick up some new earphones. We also ate on the top floor of the building as well.

After our Yodabashi visit, we went to Asakusa. Sadly, on our way over it started to pour down rain. But I didn't want to go all the way to Tokyo and not have my parents see at least one temple, so no turning back for us. While wet, we still had a good time. My parents did a bunch of shopping for family and friends while I took a bunch of pictures (though not nearly as many as I would have if it hadn't been raining). When we got to the temple, they had the doors to the inner area closed, which sucked, and were also starting to shut down the fortune telling booth things. Luckily, we managed to get to one before they shut it down and my parents got their fortunes (normal for my mom, and good for my dad, in case you wanted to know). Given our poor luck with the weather, I decided to pass on getting my fortune least I be blamed for the downpour!

After that, it was a long train ride back to home sweet home.

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