Sunday, November 11, 2007
Take me out to the ball game
Immediately after the Game Show, I went to see my first ever baseball game in Japan. The Swallows vs. The Giants. Was a bit nerve wracking trying to get in as seats seem to be on a first come first serve basis and the line was HUGE by the time I got there. Luckily I ran across some friends as I was trying to locate the end of the line and just joined up with them. Yeah, it's cheating, but I was going to meet up with them anyway and they were the ones who said they'd grab me a ticket. So, yeah, I was totally there in spirit.

Anyway, I'd heard good things about Japanese baseball and was willing to give it a go, but it's pretty much just a boring as American baseball. Just the fans are a bit more into the game than at most American games. We were supposed to sit on the Giants side, but it was the popular team that evening and we could only find enough room for the whole group on the Swallows side. The Giants side seemed to be a bit more wild and crazy, so maybe it would have been better if we did get seats on that side, but we didn't and it wasn't. Only interesting thing happening on the Swallows side were the little umbrellas that everyone seemed to have and wave around at random times. I really wanted one of the little umbrellas to wave around too, but they were all sold out. Ended up leaving at the end of the 7th inning to head back to Tokyo and get a sleeping spot at my usual manga cafe. Here are some pics of it this time as well.

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