Sunday, December 2, 2007
Kansai Fun Time
I went on my very first official vacation the weekend of Nov. 17th with Janet, which for us was a 4 day weekend. I took the overnight bus from Kofu on Friday and arrived in Kyoto at 6:00am on Saturday. I was really proud of myself for planning this vacation as I booked both the bus tickets and the hostel. The rest I left up to Janet as she'd been to Kyoto before and knew all the good places to go.

I took over 500 pictures during my vacation and went to not only Kyoto, but Nara, Osaka, and Himeji as well. I will probably break this down into several posts. One for each of the main attractions I visited. This will take awhile, so for now, here is a gallery of some of my favorite pictures from my trip!

Kyoto Vacation Pictures!

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