Monday, November 26, 2007
Movie Night
My JTE was kind enough to invite all the female ALTs in the Shi to a movie. Can't remember the name of the film we watched, but it was a sappy romantic comedy, and yes, it was even in English! Overall, Japanese movie theaters are pretty much just like American ones. The only big difference is that seeing a movie is even more expensive! It's normally about $19 for a ticket, but we went on 'ladies night' so it was only $10. Yes, that's right. The discounted price was $10. Don't even ask about the popcorn and soda.

One interesting cultural note. After the movie, my JTE and one of her friends asked us about certain parts in the movie where all of us native speakers were laughing as they didn't get the joke. It was pretty amusing trying to explain to them the nuances in the language that make certain conversations funny. Some things they got and others, they just couldn't grasp why it was so funny. Makes me wonder just how much I'm missing when I watch subbed versions of Japanese films and shows.

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