Tuesday, November 27, 2007
Trick or Treat
After I tried searching in Tokyo for a Halloween costume and failed, I got a bit desperate. I went with a few other people into Kofu to check out this costume store that someone knew about. The costume store also happened to be right across the street from a temple, so I grabbed a few pics of that as well. The costume store did have a ton of costumes and costume related stuff, but nothing that seemed right for elementary schoolers and/or myself. So, I kept it simple, and just went to the Don Quixote store (a giant, crazy, has everything you could possibly imagine, super store) in Isawa and picked up a pair of cat ears and a tale.

Then, another JET, with a house the size of a hotel, threw a halloween party the weekend after halloween. I almost didn't attend as I didn't have a ride to his house and there was no train I could easily take to get there. But as luck would have it, I posted a note asking for a ride on facebook and got one! I used the black cat costume for school, but luckily the box full of Halloween goodies my parents sent to me arrived before the party. So, instead of a black cat, I went as a Jester, ate candy, drank, and had a wonderful time.

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